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US Entry Visa Waiver Application

The Application Process/What to Expect

The application process for a U.S. entry waiver typically takes between six and eighteen months depending on its complexity.

At Pardon Canada, we can help you apply for and successfully obtain a U.S. entry waiver if you have been denied entry at the border for having a criminal record. If you, however, have never been refused entry into the U.S. for having a criminal record, you may only need a Canadian record suspension to enter the United States.

We work on your behalf to process all the necessary documents to remove your previous criminal offence from the public record through a three step process:

Step 1: Submit the form for a free consultation
Step 2: Get qualified
Step 3: Speak with a personal case expert

We will keep you informed of the process and explain in detail what we will need from you to make the process flawless. To begin with, there are some items that we will require in order to make your application, including:

  • A letter from your employer indicating your current occupation and length of service, as well as the need for you to travel to the U.S. – if applicable
  • A copy of your last tax return, if you’re self employed
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • Three letters of reference from non-related members of the community
  • Copy of your passport or driver’s license showing nationality
  • $585 to be paid to U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services (USCIS) when presenting the application

Regarding the charges, we believe that it is important to know of the various costs associated with preparing an application for a U.S. entry waiver. These charges fall into three key categories:

  • Costs associated with obtaining your criminal record files, such as digital fingerprinting
  • Service fees for court disbursements
  • The $585 fee payable to USCIS

Our system is fast and flawless, taking care of everything so there is no lost time. We will handle all the research and interaction with the judicial system to prepare your application package.

The paper work depends on the specifics of your case as follows:

  • Form I-192 completed, signed, and submitted by you without any copies. Your counsel must complete form G-28, as well
  • After the application has been received, you will be required to complete a U.S. Fingerprint chart FD-258 by a U.S. CBP Officer at a designated location
  • Form G-325A completed and signed by you
  • Copy of official police record, or evidence that there is no record, from your country of nationality or residence. This is a requirement for each application regardless of the nature of inadmissibility, and can be obtained from the RCMP by submitting form C216C with your fingerprints
  • A statement indicating your reason for visiting the U.S., such as business or vacation
  • A copy of the formal court record from the court of conviction that indicates the plea indictment, disposition, or conviction for every crime committed anywhere/anytime in the globe

No Refusal or Stopping at the U.S. Borders

Anyone with a Canadian criminal record is at risk of being denied entry into the Unites States. The best way to ensure that are you’re not refused entry is by getting a U.S. entry waiver. A U.S. entry waiver supersedes any personal discretion that border guards may have.

Who is Eligible

Services are accessible by phone or email 24 hours per day 7 days per week for all Canadian citizens residing in Canada and the United States. Utilizing RCMP licensed fingerprint services nationwide. Pardon Canada can serve you within the specific areas of:

Application Processing

Pardon Canada’s innovative process systems guarantee no time is lost finishing the complicated steps of every application no added paperwork or red tape!

Why Use Pardon Canada

While you may have been able to get into the U.S. in the past without any issues, having a criminal record can complicate the process slightly. People are often surprised when they get stopped at the U.S. border and denied entry to the U.S. because of a past criminal record, either because they thought it would not be visible, or because they did not expect that others could access their criminal record.

The process of applying for a U.S. Entry Waiver, also referred to as I-192 and I-194 is quite complex, and can take a long time to get approved. Also after approval, it is only valid for 1 to 5 years, so you must re-apply after expiry if you wish to visit or stay in the U.S.

We not only help countless people each year to get a U.S. Entry Waiver, but also help to get them the longest validity period possible, because we know what the U.S. wants.

Here are some other reasons to work with us

We Handle All the Tedious Work:

The U.S. performs random criminal checks at each of their borders, and they continue to increase their diligence. In fact, the U.S. recently made the requirements for Canadians with a criminal record trying to cross the border even more difficult, via the bill on U.S.-Canada border security.

The new bill was introduced to increase security at the borders, which means more criminal background checks. So, even if you had a minor criminal offence that happened years ago and was dismissed, withdrawn, discharged, or stayed, you can still be refused entry to the U.S. unless you obtain a pardon and/or file destruction.

From the moment of eligibility, our firm takes care of all paperwork and arrangements dealing with your U.S. Entry Waiver application. This includes the payments of all court costs.

You can apply for a waiver at the border crossing or any preclearance office in Canada. We help you obtain and fill the required documents, which include:

  • Form I-192 filled and signed with no copies
  • A U.S. Fingerprint chart FD-258
  • Form G-325
  • A copy of any official police record in any country
  • Evidence of your Canadian citizenship
  • Statement of purpose indicating your reason of entering the U.S.
  • A signed statement in your own words explaining the events/circumstances of your crimes, as well as any rehabilitation completed, including counseling, restitution, community service, etc

We Are Not Biased:

We don’t discriminate against our clients. Everyone receives the same helpful and professional service irrespective of the circumstances or their background.

All Information Remains Confidential:

We handle the entire process for you, completing all the forms so all you have to do is sign them. We keep you updated at every stage of the process, and return all the records when the process is complete. During this time, all information will remain confidential.

We Offer a Money Back Guarantee:

Moreover, we offer a money back guarantee* and free consultations.

Please visit our website for more information as you prepare to leave your criminal record in the past and focus on the future.

Integrity and Communication

Pardon Canada upholds important integrity standards to confirm that honest and direct communication is provided through each step of every application.

Client Service and Support

Pardon Canada offers phone email and website login support to confirm that every client is absolutely responsive to the present and future standing of every application.

If you have any questions about Pardon Canada, U.S. Waiver, or Criminal Record Check Certificates speak with a U.S. Waiver Case administration provider directly by filling out our simple form, or call Pardon Links-Info at Toll-free in Canada call 1-866-922-8159.

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