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Get a Canadian Entry TRP

Get A Canadian Entry TRP

What is a TRP – Temporary Resident Permit

A Temporary Resident Permit, also known as a TRP, is a document issued via the Canadian Immigration Authorities to individuals who are inadmissible to Canada because of criminal or health issues, allowing them to cross the border and stay for a given period, provided they have a justifiable reason to be in the country.

The Application Process/What To Expect

The Canada TRP application is a rather complex legal procedure, but we can help you get into Canada, regardless of your criminal record, by proving that you are not a health or security risk to the Canadian population.

We work on your behalf to process all the necessary documents to get you admissible into Canada through a three step process:

Step 1: Submit the form for a free consultation
Step 2: Get qualified
Step 3: Speak with a personal case expert

The application process requires you to submit the TRP form (or IMM 1444) and to prepare a compelling narrative demonstrating why you should be allowed to get into the country. We help you prepare a proper TRP Canada application that satisfactorily convinces immigration officials that you are truly rehabilitated of your past mistakes, and that you do not pose any risk to the people when allowed entry.

When Refused An eTA

If you reside in an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) country and are denied an eTA, you may be eligible for a temporary resident permit depending on the circumstances and nature of your inadmissibility and your reason for travel.

When Visa is Refused

You should present your application for a temporary resident visa along with evidence (supporting documents) explaining why you are inadmissible, as well as why you should be granted entry into Canada. You may also have to attend an interview for the officer to access your application.

A TRP can be issued for any duration of time up to 3 years, and can be used for multiple re-entries or even extended before the expiry, depending on your case.

Also note that every application comes with a C$200 fee to cover the cost of processing your TRP application. The amount is non-refundable.

Who is Eligible

It is the duty of a Canadian Immigration Officer to determine if you can enter Canada at the time when you’re applying for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), a visa, or at the instant when you arrive at a port of entry. If you are found to be inadmissible but can justify a good reason to get into Canada, the officer may issue you a temporary resident permit.

Before the Canadian Immigrant Visa Officer handling your case decides to issue you a TRP, he/she will weigh your need to cross the border and enter or stay in Canada against the health/security risks to the citizens of Canada. As such, you must justify your entry into Canada, regardless of how minor the reason for your inadmissibility may appear.

There is no guarantee that making the application will lead to you obtaining a temporary resident permit. Nevertheless, you will be required to pay a non-refundable processing fee of C$200 for every application.

If your application is successful, you will receive your TRP for the specific period of your visit to Canada. So, if you are attending a one-week conference in the country, the permit will be for exactly one week.

You must leave the country by the expiry date of your permit, or quickly apply for another permit before your current one expires.

Besides getting into the country, a TRP also helps you to overcome criminal inadmissibility in Canada, which paves the way to getting a Canada study permit, work permit, or Canadian Permanent Residency Card (PR Card).

You should note that your TRP may be cancelled by the Immigrant Visa Officer at any time. It also becomes invalid once you leave Canada, though there are instances when you are able to leave and re-enter using the same permit.

Why Use Pardon Canada

You want to get into Canada from the U.S. for business or leisure; you’re inadmissible and don’t want to jump through hoops trying to qualify to enter. If this is what you want, we can help you get a temporary resident permit that allows you to enter or even stay in Canada.

However, the TRP lets you do this if:

  • Your have stayed less than five years since the end of your sentence
  • You have valid reasons to get into Canada

So, if you have good reasons to be in Canada, but are inadmissible, we can help you obtain a temporary resident permit. A border services officer or immigration officer will decide if your need to be in the country outweighs the health and safety risks to the Canadian population.

We will handle your case with minimum delays, keep you informed, and help you get into Canada for the duration that you want.

  • We help you demonstrate to the immigration officer that you’re a reformed person and pose no risk to the Canadian population for the duration that you’ll be in the country
  • We will help you prepare the application form TRP IMM 5708, fill in the correct information, and get you the right supporting documents.

We help you every step of the way, because if your TRP application contains even a slight mistake, or you omitted some support documentation, the immigration officers may decline to issue you the permit because CIC standards are very strict.

Integrity and Communication

Pardon Canada upholds important integrity standards to confirm that honest and direct communication is provided through each step of every application.

Client Service and Support

Pardon Canada offers phone, email, and website login support to confirm that every client is absolutely responsive to the present and future standing of every application.

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