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Canadian Criminal Pardon & US Entry Waiver Toronto

The City of Toronto is the biggest city in Canada with an estimated population of 2.5 million. It is also the capital of Ontario. The city is an international center for business, and is considered Canada’s financial capital. In addition to the large number of banks and brokerage firms, Toronto is also an important centre for publishing, media, information technology, telecommunication, and film production.

All these different industries allow the residents to pursue careers in different lines, but things can be a bit hard for ambitious individuals with a criminal record. Whether looking for new employment, a promotion, or a business deal as an entrepreneur, having your prospective employer or business partner know that you have a criminal history can kill your chances of getting hired or promoted, or winning a tender or other business contract.

Information Showing from a Criminal Background Check

Back in 2011, the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police decided to standardize the format of police record checks. The result was that records of Toronto residents with no history of having committed any offence would be returned to the employer as “clear”, whereas those with a history would inform the organization requesting that the “record shows a history”, after which the employer will probably ask the candidate to provide the details.

There are basically 3 levels of service for performing criminal record checks, after which the information can be released only upon submission of signed content from the individual holding the record (you). When signing the form, it is important that you check the level of information being sought by the organization requesting your background check.

The three levels of service for criminal record checks are:

  1. Police criminal record check: This discloses criminal convictions that have not been pardoned, as well as absolute discharges within the last one year and conditional discharges within three years. The records are released once the necessary forms are submitted and fees paid. The check discloses personal identification attributes such as the date of birth, eye and hair color, height and weight, criminal code under which you were charged, the date you were charged, and convictions, if any, accompanied with a short description of the charge.
  2. Police information check: This is the second tier of a background check and provides a wider range of information, drawing information from records of both local and federal police database, court records, and any other records in police agency jurisdictions. This check can disclose information such as outstanding charges, judicial orders, warrants, peace bonds, prohibition orders, discharges, restraining orders (in family court), dispositions, apprehensions, and even 911 calls.
  3. Police vulnerable sector check: The third tier of a background check is restricted to organizations involved with vulnerable child/person and in a position of authority. The report includes all information in a standard criminal record check, as well as details about specific violent and sexual offences for which the offender has obtained a pardon. This report also reveals non-conviction information.

Record Suspensions

If you have been convicted of a criminal offence and have completed your sentence, we can help you apply for a record suspension. We will not only help you to fill out the forms, but also help you to demonstrate that you are reformed and have become a law-abiding citizen.

Following the record suspension, all information pertaining to your convictions will be removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and will not be disclosed without authorization from the Minister of Public Safety Canada.

Pardon Laws in Toronto

If you have completed your sentence and the mandated waiting period for your offence, we can help you apply for a pardon or record suspension under the Criminal Records Act if:

  • Your conviction was after 18 years of age, and for an offence in Canada under a federal regulation or act of Canada
  • You were convicted in a different country before being transferred to Canada under the Transfer of Offenders Act or International Transfer of Offenders Act

You don’t have to be a citizen or resident of Canada to apply for a record suspension.

It is worth noting that you may need to apply for a pardon if you were found guilty as a minor and before the specific period of time defined in youth legislation, you were convicted as an adult. The record suspension will cover both minor and adult records. However, you don’t need to apply if you were guilty only in a youth justice court, since juveniles records are archived or destroyed once all applicable time periods have elapsed as mandated under the Young Offenders Act or the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

U.S. Entry Waiver Laws in Toronto

Residents of Toronto, ON looking to cross the border into the United States for business or leisure may be inadmissible if they have a criminal record, regardless of the type of offence, the kind of sentence served, or how long ago the offence occurred.

The only way for Toronto residents with a criminal history to be let into the U.S. legally is by obtaining a U.S. entry waiver. The application process for a U.S. waiver is long and tedious, but you can seek help from professional legal administrators.

Our offices in Toronto offer multiple services including helping you to make the application for your U.S. entry waiver. We will discuss the specifics of your case and provide all the necessary details to make sure that your application goes through and is successful.

TRP Laws in Toronto

If there is an American looking to attend a family event or business visit in Toronto, or looking to perform some other beneficial task in the country, but are criminally inadmissible, we can help you apply for a TRP.

We will not only help you fill in TRP form IMM 1444 the right way, but also prove that you do not pose a risk to the people of Toronto or burden the country’s welfare system.

Whether you live in North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, or in one of the other nearby cities, our Toronto office is open and ready to take on your case.

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