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Pardon Application

“Pardon applications expected to tumble”

The Canadian Press

Parole board expects to evaluate ONLY about 15,000 pardon applications annually. The number of bona fide applicants for a criminal pardon is expected to plunge by almost half under stricter new rules. Internal figures obtained by the Canadian Press show the Parole Board of Canada expects to evaluate about 15,000 pardon applications annually, down from 27,750. The New Pardon Law does not take into account another wave of changes to the pardon system, that proposed to deny eligibility to people convicted three or more times. In addition, the perimeter law threatens greater restrictions for travel and lengthier border service disruptions.

What Is A Pardon?

A Canadian Pardon gives people with criminal records in Canada a “Second Chance in Life” by clearing their entire criminal record. Our automated process (Direct Pardon) ensures applications are hassle-free and 100% secure.

New Canadian Pardon Rules

Due to the intricacy and complexity of the Pardon application process introduced by Bill C-10, it is recommended that any individual applying for a pardon (record suspension) or seeking more information call a professional consultant.

The new Canadian pardon rules have tailored changes to the older pardon process to reflect a higher level of complication in the system. These changes as per the new Canadian pardon rules, include changes to eligibility criteria, increased documentation and subjectivity.

Policy On Retention And Removal Of Criminal Records

Criminal Records will be maintained until the subject of the record is 80 years old with no criminal activity reported in the last 10 years, except where the subject:

  • is still under the sentence of a court.
  • has been sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • has been designated a “dangerous offender”.
  • is still the subject of a prohibition order, which has not expired.
  • has an outstanding warrant or a notice has been expressed by an organization involved in the execution or administration of the law.

In each of these instances, the criminal record is maintained until:

  • the subject completes his/her sentence and remains free of crime for a full term of 10 years.
  • the subject attains one hundred (100) years of age.

Policy On Removal Of Criminal Records

Absolute Discharges

  • All absolute discharges received on or after July 24, 1992, are removed from the criminal record after a period of 1 year from the date of sentence.
  • Absolute discharges received before July 24, 1992, are not automatically removed.
  • Start the process of removing of your criminal record today.

Conditional Discharges

  • All conditional discharges received on or after July 24, 1992, are removed from the criminal record 3 years following the date of the sentence.
  • Conditional discharges registered before July 24, 1992, are not automatically removed.

Start the process of removing of your criminal record today.

Who is Eligible

Services are accessible by phone or email 24 hours per day 7 days per week for all Canadian citizens residing in Canada and the United States. Utilizing RCMP licensed fingerprint services nationwide; Pardon Canada can serve you within the specific areas of;

Application Processing

Pardon Canada’s innovative process systems guarantee no time is lost finishing the complicated steps of every application รข no added paperwork or red tape!

Integrity & Communication

Pardon Canada upholds important integrity standards to conform that honest and direct communication is provided through each step of every application.

Client Service & Support

Pardon Canada offers phone email and web site login support to conform that every client is absolutely responsive to the present and future standing of every application.

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